23 01 2008

Working with Interaction

Making new ways of interacting with a computer isn’t as easy as I thought, but is a lot more fun.. the whole idea is to use physical objects which can be used in a way and for a purpose where the keyboard and the mouse couldn’t get the same reaction or feedback.. to create a new experience!


Exploring different directions and concepts we saw on a range of appliances for protecting use of RFID instead of other media controllers. First we played with the thought of making a system for entrance at concerts and events.. What can be understood as a new kind of ticket system.. However this proved somewhat pointless knowing that the aim for the interaction designer isn’t to make new services, but new experiences.. Our choice soon fell on making some kind of a quiz game show where contestants must be in physical activity to be able to answer questions popping up on a screen.. In other words a game which are both physical and mentally challenging for people in all ages.. It could inspire kids

to learn more through games and play, and it could make grown ups get up of their comfortable seats and in motion for refreshing mind and spirit!


Testing of various different ways of interacting with the computer are important to be able to form a clearer understanding of the possibileties concerning the physical feel of the act.. we wanted to create a communication between TAG and READER which vere both fun and challenging.. updates of our findings will follow.. 





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