TASK 3 – Mobile shopping!

28 01 2008

Another interesting week is on the rise.. our new task adds up to the expectations from the previous tasks and good and useful ideas have already popped up to the surface. First thing first, this weeks task ought to be presented before continuing; task 03 is about mobile computing, concerning the conscientious consumer, focusing on how mobile information services can create new perspectives on shopping.


How can we create new experiences around using your cell phone for guidance in the jungle of products and offers out there..? how should services be created around this interaction between man and computer? 

The task is a great challenge in both mobile interface design, system and service thinking and above all a good pointer on the importance of designers as planers of new social interactions, shopping patterns on the way towards a global consciousness. Including issues as moral, ethics, environment, politics, health, economy, lifestyle and religion as starting points to the projects sets the stage for some interesting and hopefully justified projects. We’ll see! Well, as I mentioned in the heading, my group, consisting of my self (kyrre), Natasha and Knut have already come up with some interesting thoughts concerning new ways of shopping. Our main concept concerns a mobile service which supports the modern humans demand after knowledge, individual service, experiences and social shearing and caring. The concept has its roots in the fact that most people shopping after food and normal daily usage products easily falls into patterns, continue to buy the same old boring food, buying too much of it and selecting mostly unhealthy food.. (mostly students)  


Therefore we want to display a service which can help customers to pick healthy food, try new dishes, make shopping into something more social and making the whole experience of shopping after groceries into something far more interesting and educating, both taste wise and health wise. The service takes into use both RFID tech to trace food and production range to link histories and general information to the food.. this way you can easily tell your phone to write you shopping lists, selecting your menu for the romantic dinner, including wine and exclusive aperitifs to the recommendation. It can even tell you what you have in your fridge, what you don’t have and what you should have according to your health condition and calorie usage. Not only will it tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat, it will tell you where you can find your stores, where it’s cheap, good and tasty. A whole new universe of possibilities is about to open up for you, all you need to do is simply create an account on a web server and fill in a payment form, so that you can even pay with your phone.. No more cues, no more boring dinners, welcome to the future of mobile computing! Shortly there will be an update with some sketches of the sequence scenario and evidencing part we are currently working on, until then, be curious, be mystical!





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