Developing and sketches – TASK 3 – MOBILE SHOPING

29 01 2008

The calendar shows Tuesday 29. January 2008 and we have now come to the point where we have started to visualize our concept and find methods of communicating it in a trustworthy way. Our main idea is to use scenarios and sleek mobile interfaces to present the idea as something believable and useful. As you can see we are currently working on sketching down some storyboards for the scenarios and presentation, as well as trying out some pictures for visualization. Using black and white on the things that are ordinary and highlighting the new experience using colours is a way of making the concept more clear for the viewer. More testing of mobile interfaces and picture sequences will follow..


What is the best way to communicate a new mobile service? Sketcing out different scenarios and evidencing techniques are prizeless in this matter. Above and below are examples of this important part of the process of making and validating a new and useful service..

blogg-pic1.jpg bilde1-copy.jpg

Below is an example of showing how a cellphone can be used to validate food by scaning the barcode. This enable greater controll of products origin and ethical qualities in addition to expanded knowledge of the purchase in general. What about a mobile service that can help you stay away from food you are allergic to? The possibilities are almost endless…


THE SERVICE – UEAT MOBILE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE Our suggestion to a new mobile shopping service was a web and mobile based system using RFID and PHOTO READING of barcodes to operate. The goal with the service was to educate people in the area of food, nutrition, health and economic shopping for food.  UEAT features services connecting the user to a network where shearing of recipes, food and beverage tips and diagnostics of your nutrition and food customs. You will be able to shop for less, yet eat more healthy, tasty and cultivated food. All you need is to register at UEAT.COM, dial your phone number and start experiencing the world of taste and cultivation. Bon apetite!






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