13 02 2008

Last week I participated in a workshop concerning     Snow and Ice in Målselv, North of Norway. The aim of the workshop was to bring designers, architects and artists with the love and passion for snow and ice together and start a discussion on how the gender can be lifted to new levels. Helping us with this we had two of Scandinavians best artists in Ice and Snow; Mark and Julia, Architect and fashion designer. A charismatic couple, working with snow and ice on professional bases, currently being employed at The Ice and Snow Hotel in Jokasjervi, Sweden (see pictures of the hotel below).




The installation we worked on was planed and sketched out by Mark and Julia in beforehand, but all participators were allowed to come with suggestions during the sculpturing process. The theme of the installation was MORTALITY and LIFE, expressed through both textual and shaped elements. The main characteristics involved an overlaying architecture of a labyrinth consisting of big snow walls punctured with holes and relief’s, making it massive and transparent, heavy and light at the same time. In the heart of the sculpture there was literally a heart, anatomically shaped in snow with veins in ice, creating a wonderful expression when pulsating red light where inserted in it.  


I see the installation as being a good representation of life itself. In life there are only two things which are absolute and unchangeable, it’s the birth and the death, we are all MORTAL. Walking through the labyrinth that LIFE clearly is we experiences meeting massive walls, but still manages to slip through a whole and keep our heart beating. Our modern society are to a large extent constructed and limited in its appearance, however there are these wormholes giving us the opportunity to seek what’s hiding in our heart……  I clearly see parallels between creating an installation like this and what we are working on in Tangible interactions. As our sculpture both interacts with people, surroundings and invites to physical exploring, it touches the ground pillars of the world of Tangibility. I will keep on exploring this material and seek interesting parallels between art and design.




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