25 02 2008

The stage is set for taking the step into developing our own thoughts about what tangible interactions and ubiquitous computing can and should be about. Personally I have had a lot of ideas and possible directions I want to go in, and the decision about a defined direction and approach has not been an easy one. However I feel I have made the right choice when deciding upon designing for the elders.


My exact problem definition is the following;How to make solutions and concepts that are DESIRABLE, EXPERIMENTAL and “JOYABLE” to so called ELDERLY PEOPLE???  FOCUS will be on LIFESTYLE and HEALTHCARE….. PHYSICAL INTERACTION, ECOLOGY and AESTHETICS will function as OVERALL RULERS..   My main reason for choosing this target group are maybe best expressed by a short quote by interaction GURU John Tackara; “Imagine a world where every second European adult is over fifty years old. And where two-thirds of disposable consumer income is held by this age-group. By 2020 this will be a reality. There will be huge demand for services that enable older people to live independently in their own communities as they age. But although it is potentially huge – health care alone represents nearly eight per cent of Europe’s GDP – few people or companies understand this emerging market. There is no category in the DOW index for services in which elderly people communicate and care for each other using new information tools and services; investors and entrepreneurs seem blind to the potential of new markets fuelled by the changing lifestyles and considerable financial resources of many elderly people.”

Well, there it is. The challenge is clearly mighty, but I am positive and look forward to exploring this emerging field more thoroughly. I wish to dig deep and come up with concepts more far fetched from the normal for these kinds of products, traditionally concerning healthcare. My sketchbook is all ready filing with ideas, soon to be posted and I`m really looking forward to the next couple of weeks!  For more info, click on the link below and get a look into my first iteration.





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