3 03 2008

FUTURE WORKSHOP How will the elderly home of the future look like and what kind of products and services will they be filled with? These were my main focus during my 3 hour intensive workshop this Thursday.  To get my workshop participants in the right mood I decided to design the setting for this future including a introduction of the Concept;   the-centre.jpg 

THE OLD FRIENDS HOME, featuring futuristic retro architecture and housing old hippies and intellectuals from the disco era in the 80`s. The year is 2020, the Old FRIENDS HOME is about to open, but they are in instant need of some groundbreaking concepts for the products and services available for the inhabitants. Can we help them? Serving coffee and cookies in addition to playing inspiring and moody music I led my 5 “work shoppers” through the 3 steps of the workshop. With caffeine and sugar pumping in their veins it was no problem to get them start poring out ideas, and already in the warm up round, where I wanted them to get rid of the clichés and the obvious, interesting stuff came a long.  I split the six contestants, me included, in two groups of three persons each, letting the images from the projector guide the workshop along the path of innovation. Starting off as I said with the wish to empty our heads for the obvious, I had prepared I short mind storm exercise and a floor game base don associations. Both lasting for 10 minutes each and switching the mode halfway to get variation.


 After this we had a short discussion around the words and thoughts coming in, before there were a 10 minute break, to get some fresh air and re-charge the batteries with more coffee and cookies.  


 In the second round, I had prepared a list of four main themes I wanted concrete ideas on, including both groups at the same time, having to write and draw dawn ideas based on the theme within a time span of 10 minutes for each theme; LEARNING, ENTERTAINMENT, COMMUNICATION and SLEEP, RELAXATION. A METHOD proving itself to be very fruity, bringing in a lot of good ideas and thoughts.  After this intensive period, a break was well deserved and highly needed. It seemed people were satisfied and a lot of good thoughts were shared during the presentation of ideas after the session.  In the end, the “work shoppers” went back to being groups and in collaboration had to pick out their favourite idea to further elaborate, illustrate and try to sell at the final presentation! Despite going one hour over time, the workshop was highly successful, and I felt I got a lot out of it, as well as I think the group of contributors did. Henrik Rundshaug, a Diploma student also working with design for elders summed it up to be very interesting and helpful in his own process and project. Something I find very positive.




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6 03 2008

it was definately interesting and “fruity” :D.. would be interesting to do a Part Deux! now with a more specified problem definition in mind. also, I would advice to focus on a more specific user group; as the new old are as diverse as us, and to specify further the area of design intervention; communication, daily tasks, learning and self realization, medical aid etc..

la oss hooke opp og utveksle noen tanker! holder på å konkretisere mitt konsept nå. kan være fruktbart for begge 🙂

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