7 03 2008

How would our modern day society communication platforms look if they were represented in physical objects instead of screen based experiences? Would it improve or would it destroy the joy of online communication? Can physical computing open up the medium for new users which are excluded from this online society because of problems handling a keyboard and understanding how to communicate through text? What kind of arrangements and abilities must these objects withhold and what will they look like?


These are some of the questions I want to investigate my, and hopefully Tom Igo`s time, in the coming week. Through screen based, physical and verbal interaction I want to create some kind of fusion between MSN, Skype and Flickr. Hopefully there are ways of doing this using RFID technology, computer sensors and audio equipment. I don`t know, but it shureley would be interesting to explore it further!


My goal with the workshop week is to try out different applications for communication between people through computers via physical interaction. My findings will be used as base for building up my Major Project, also involving communication between people through physical objects and the web. My main focus will still be elders, and trying to create a platform for easy and enriching experiences through interaction with computers.


The illustrations shown here are examples on how I picture MSN could look like as a physical interaction in connection with screen based media. What’s the point you might ask yourself, well, to be frankly I don’t know, but I would like to find out…





2 responses

17 03 2008

i assume you’ve seen this?

1 04 2008

sweet renderings man!

hur går det med prosjektet for de eldre? har du kommet frem til noen gode konsepter?

hadde vært kult å ta en prat en av dagene!


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