Workshopping with Tom Igoe

23 03 2008

   Last week we had the pleasure of having Tom Igoe as our tutor for the technical part of our major project. As I have mentioned I’m trying to investigate the use of physical objects to communicate via web channels. Discussing the matter with mr. Igoe I got a lot of input on how I could do the technical part of the concept. Due to my lack of experience with programming concerning the use of processing and arduino I found this very helpful.   sp_a0167.jpg  He also gave me input on how I could take the project further in my major project where I want to either make a stationary audio device for elders or a system enabling elders to communicate on the same channels as youngsters do now a days.    sp_a0174.jpg   

Mr. MSN is my test bunny for a physical object communicating through msn, facebook and skype platforms. He will voluntary put himself into the hard task of investigating which things he will be able to do now and in the future. At the moment this only concerns blinking lights and moving hands to be able to notify the owner of new messages and incoming commuters through the web. Hopefully this will give the opportunity to engage in web interaction in a somehow better way. The experience will be built upon as my skills in processing picks up and as new ideas of functions pops up. What if he could read rfid chips and have inbuilt speaker and microphone?

sp_a0169.jpg  Well, hopefully I will be able to get some interesting things out of playing around with mr. MSN and his physical functions. Time will show..






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