9 05 2008

What characterizes a good product or service, which direction and point of departure is the most valuable in order to create the best experience for the aimed user?


My goal for my major project is to combine my personal values as an industrial designer with design theory and aesthetics to create a range of four media players exploring different directions and possibilities for such a product in an increasingly growing interactive world. My focus will be on creating variety in all concepts, but use similar aesthetical expression, technology and materials where the main focus will be exclusiveness and aesthetics. The four directions will be represented as physical objects communicating the aim of the concepts and its users.


My directions will represent what I find most promising and important in the design genre at the moment and will be under built by current theory in those areas. Overall I’m interested in uncovering the influence interaction design has and will have on industrial design the coming years, and in what way the importance of quality in aesthetics and material use affect this.





In a world where media shearing is expanding rapidly and media is less physical than ever, maybe the time is in for shearing some flowers?

Focus on a cradle to cradle mindset.





In Norway people watch TV approximately 3 hours per day, but are still complaining that there is no time for exercise in their busy life. This media player forces you to get physical before relaxing with a good movie.

Focus on user interaction and monitoring of personal health.










Blind people have possibly the best hearing of all people, however online media is hard to discover when you can`t see. This is a super simple media player for enabling blind and poor sighted people the joy of handling online music in their home. Focus on tactility and texture.







Fashion and contemporary art is pushing the limits of aesthetical expression in industrial design each day. This is a media player exploring the value of fashion and exclusivity in a product for the home market. Focus on the importance of beauty in physical interaction.





More updates on my project will come soon!





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