23 05 2008

After the presentation for the Rapid Prototype project leader today, we agreed on working further on the Pebbles Concept. A direction I was very pleased with, as it opens up for a lot of new exploring in use and interaction with online music in physical form. I also find the concept tempting due to its aesthetical values.   

For me Pebbles represents something soothing and quiet. It brings back the tactility in media shearing and has a clear sense of relaxation and peace. Therefore I feel, bringing in Fengshui Principles in the final design could be a interesting and beautiful direction. Beneath are some pictures for inspiration.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment, although its followers would argue it is a science. They believe that changing your environment by placing different objects in different places can affect your luck, health, wealth, and happiness.

Searching for Pebbles and Fengshui I actually found commercial Fengshui Pebbles distributed online.. It even comes in a nice wrapping…



Some suggestions to how you could separate the different Pebbles from eachother; writing, drawing, painting, relieff, wrapping, tactility…



A lot of possiblities here.. Some intresting options for customizing aswell..




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