Kyrre M. Kalseth


Ein kar fra den vakre, ville og rene delen av landet, der kor fjellan stupe ned i havet og måsan e i flertal fremfor due.. Kulda i nord gjer meg ikje snue, men en følese av å leve i nuet.. d e vel åsså d som e kluet…

 English Version; A guy from the beatiful, wild and pure part of the country, where mountains dives down to the ocean and seaeagels clearly outnumbers piggens.. its cold and dark in the winter and, well actually a bit warmer in summer, and offcourse its light all the time.. yes, insomnia are a part of the whole shabang.. Well, currently I`m in the south, taking a Master Degree in Industrial Design at AHO.. Oslo School of Architecture and Design.. I like the new, unexplored, positive, negative (lets face it, no one can be either aither, we are both positive and negative, I prefer positive, but its good with a challange..) My biggest wish is that I will manage to break the pattern of standarized living, become master over mind (my own) and get a enriched life through my friends, work and hobbies.. One last thing, a good advice from my personal hero Espen Askeladd; “you should listen to and collaborate with nature”… good one


One response

14 04 2008

Dear Kyrre,

I’m interested in your toy concept. Please tell me more about it 🙂

All the best,

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